Clontech Laboratories, Inc. and RIKEN BioResource Center concluded license agreement on preservation and distribution of Fluorescent Proteins, DsRed2 and mCherry for academic use

■ Clontech Laboratories, Inc. (Clontech) and RIKEN BioResource Center (RIKEN BRC) concluded an agreement on the Limited Distribution License for Fluorescent Proteins (DsRed2 and mCherry: hereafter abbreviated as FPs) owned by Clontech, on January 14, 2016. Under this agreement, RIKEN BRC is now able to receive, maintain and replicate the genetically-engineered mice, stable cell-lines or plasmids containing the FPs, and distribute them for not-for-profit academic research by bearing a part to license fees.

■ If you have developed your own FPs bioresources, we ask to deposit them with RIKEN BRC. Such deposits will be a significant contribution to the promotion of related research. In addition, deposition will free you from time-consuming preparation and distribution of bioresources for fellow researchers. We will make our best efforts to carefully preserve and maintain the deposited bioresources so that we may meet the needs of researchers around the world.

If you have any questions regarding the use of FPs bioresources, please contact F. Omae at BioResource Center Planning Office (

For questions regarding specific resources, please contact the appropriate division:

Experimental Animal Division (mouse strains)
E-mail, Fax, +81-29-836-9010
Cell Engineering Division (human and animal cell lines)
E-mail, Fax, +81-29-836-9130
Gene Engineering Division (DNA and cDNA clones)
E-mail, Fax, +81-29-836-9120

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