Bioresource Information Division


   One of the missions of the Bioresource Information Division is to construct and manage bioresource databases.
   The databases include information on whereabouts and characteristics of bioresources preserved in RIKEN BRC and other centers in Japan.
   To increase usefulness of the databases, the division works on linking them to other biological databases in and outside Japan.
   It also works on developing new technology to extract biologically significant information from various experimental data of the bioresources.

Kaoru Fukami,Ph.D.

Kaoru Fukami,


   Bioresource Information Division engages in the following projects

  • Resource collection/preservation/distribution projects

  • Construction and management of bioresource databases
  • Dissemination of bioresource information through the databases and their search engines
  • Support for bioresource distribution service
  • Resource utilization promotion projects

  • System development and maintenance for facilitating bioresource acquisition
  • Support for bioresource public relations

Flow chart of Bioresource Information Division     For a comprehensive view of life mechanisms, the consolidation of information from various sources is essential.

Development of Technology

  • Development of technology to construct consolidated bioresource databases.
  • Link construction with biological databases in and outside Japan.
  • Development of technology for bioresource information analysis.
  • Assistance/collaboration for bioresource information analysis.