Experimental Plant Division


  Plant science is important for the solution of food crisis and environmental problems. Plant resources such as mutants, natural varieties, cDNA clones and cultured cells are useful for the promotion of plant science. Since 2002, this Division has been engaged in the National Bio-Resource Project. Through the project, we collect, maintain, analyze and distribute plant resources, especially biological materials of Arabidopsis, the most popular model plant. Development of novel technologies for the establishment and characterization of plant resources is also carried out.

Head Masatomo KOBAYBASHI, Ph. D.

Ph. D.

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  • We collect and preserve wild type and mutant Arabidopsis seeds, plant DNA materials and plant cultured cells.
  • Arabidopsis seeds and plant DNA materials are distributed to the world.
  • We emphasize the reliability of resources. For example, we examine the quality of the biological materials before distribution.
  • We strictly comply with various regulations and rules regarding GMO.

Cultivation of Arabidopsis

Development of Technology

  1. Characterization of wild type Arabidopsis from SENDAI Arabidopsis Seed Stock Center (SASSC)
  2. Improvement of technologies necessary for the maintenance and characterization of resources
  3. Development of model crop resources and related techniques

We preserve wild type Arabidopsis deposited from SASSC.
We preserve wild type Arabidopsis
deposited from SASSC.