Gene Engineering Division


  The Gene Engineering Division plays a vital role in biomedical science by making authentic genetic materials available to scientific community. The Division is dedicated to collection, preservation and distribution of genetic resources such as cloned DNAs, gene libraries (cDNA and genomic libraries), vectors and host cells from human, mouse and microorganisms. Especially, recombinant viruses, Japanese specific HLA class I clones, SEREX clones, promoter-reporters and promoter-Cre constructs are widely used. Improvement of the methods for standardization and characterization of genetic resources is also conducted. Since 2002, the Division has been selected as a central archive of DNA resources in Japan by National BioResource Project administrated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

uichi OBATA, PH.D.

Yuichi OBATA, PH.D.

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I. Structure of DNA banking in Gene Engineering Division

Structure of DNA banking in Gene Engineering Division
  • Providing qualified genetic materials.
  • Japanese-specific DNA Bank.
  • Cloned-DNA set Bank.
    Collecting and providing cloned sets of specific research areas like hormones, cytokines, apoptosis, cell cycle, signal cascade, transcription factor, ubiquitination and so on.
  • Recombinant-Virus Bank.
    Producing gene-transfer vectors, and promoting the fields like translational research, gene therapy and molecular biology in animal model.
  • Promoter-Bank.
    Collecting promoters of tissue- and stage-specific genes and developing the novel vectors with tissue specific promoters.
  • Development of technology.
    Development of genetic resources and establishment of techniques required for preparation of good find genetic materials.
II. Genetic resources in RIKEN BRC DNA Bank
Genetic resource
 Cloned DNA
 STS/ETS marker
 Nakamura & White human RFLP marker
 Human HLA cDNA clone
 Human SEREX antigen cDNA clone
 Cloned-DNA Set Bank
 CEPH uman MEGA YAC cloned library
 Mouse preimplantation cDNA cloned library
 NIA/NIH mouse 15K cDNA clone set
 NIA/NIH mouse 7.4K cDNA clone set
 Mouse BAC genomic DNA cloned library
 Primate BAC genomic DNA cloned library
 cDNA library
 Promoter-Cre clone set
 S. pombe cDNA cloned library
 T. thermophilus expression library

III. Information Services

Information Services
  1. Homepage
  2. Catalogue
  3. Newsletter
  4. Mail service
  5. Information exchange

Development of Technology

  1. Development of banking system of genetic resources.
  2. Development of technology for study of the regulation of gene expression
    (modification of promoters and enhancers).
  3. Development of screening system to identify the function of genes.
  4. Development of rapid detection system of genetic alterations.
  5. Development of preparation system of recombinant virus and screening system of encoded proteins.

PCR amplification of DNA