Cell Engineering Division


  Cell Engineering Division of RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) has been serving as the "RIKEN Cell Bank" since 1986. It is a unique, not-for-profit public organization for deposit, isolation, standardization, preservation, and distribution of cultured cell lines produced by life science research community. Moreover recently in order to contribute the fields of developmental biology, transplantation medicine, and regenerative medicine, the banking of primary human cells, such as somatic stem cells, has been started. The staff conduct not only banking of cell resources but also researches and developments related to cell engineering, such as establishment of novel cell lines and development of technology to cultivate primate embryonic stem cells efficiently. In addition, our division has acquired the certification of ISO9001 for the quality control of cell materials.



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Mouse cell line (MC3T3-E1) Masenchymal stem cells
Culture in GMP facility Preservation room (Liquid nitrogen tanks)
  • Animal cell lines:
    Cultured cell lines derived from animals, such as mouse, rat, and chicken.
  • Human cell lines:
    Cultured cell lines derived from human cells, mainly from tumor cells.
  • Immortalized cells derived from Japanese:
    EB Virus-transformed human B cells.
  • Immortalized cells drived from various human species: Sonoda-Tajima Collection.
  • Human cord blood cells:
    Various somatic stem cells present in cord blood.
  • Human mesenchymal cells:
    Primary mesenchymal cells.
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Development of Technology

  1. Development of technology for cell banking
  2. Development of technology to expand somatic stem cells in vitro
  3. Development of technology to obtain human feeder cells
  4. Development of technology to cultivate primate embryonic stem cells

Mouse embryonic stem cells (ES cell):B6G-2 cell line