BRC Annual Report (2012-2013)


BRC Annual Report (2012-2013) PDF
The Noyori Initiative/BioResource Center(P1) 560KB
Organization/Contents 939KB
Greeting(P4-5) 2.2MB
Highlights of the Year(P6-7) 525KB
BRC on the global stage/Awards(P8-9) 1.4MB
Collection, Preservation, and Distribution(P10) 3.4MB
Activities in the RIKEN BioResource Center
    Experimental Animal Division(P12-15) 4.0MB
    Experimental Plant Division(P16-19) 3.7MB
    Cell Engineering Division(P20-23) 7.8MB
    Gene Engineering Division(P24-27) 4.7MB
    Microbe Division: Japan Collection of Microorganisms(P28-31) 3.8MB
    Bioresource Information Division(P32-33) 1.8MB
    Support Unit for Quality Management(P34-35) 2.7MB
    Bioresource Engineering Division(P36-37) 2.1MB
    Technology and Development Team for Mammalian Cellular Dynamics(P38-39) 2.0MB
    Subteam for BioSignal Integration(P40-41) 2.4MB
    Subteam for Manipulation of Cell Fate(P42-43) 2.2MB
    Technology and Development Team for Mouse Phenotype Analysis: Japan Mouse Clinic(P44-45) 2.6MB
    Team for Advanced Development and Evaluation of Human Disease Models(P46-47) 1.9MB
    Mutagenesis and Genomics Team(P48-49) 3.1MB
    Technology and Development Unit for Knowledge Base of Mouse Phenotype(P50-51) 2.2MB
    Ishii Research Collaborative Group(P52-53) 1.0MB
    Shinozaki Research Collaborative Group(P54-55) 1.7MB
    Publications(P56-66) 14.3MB
Initiatives for the Better Management of the RIKEN BioResource Center
    Publicity Activities(P68-73) 4.5MB
    Efforts to Foster Personnel(P74-77) 2.7MB
     Initiatives in the Area of Safety Management(P78-79) 2.2MB
    Budget & Personnel Organization(P80-87) 3.2MB
    Evaluations(P88-90) 2.1MB