BRC Annual Report(2001-2003)


BRC Annual Report(2001-2003) PDF
1. Preface 1.4MB
2. Organization 1.9MB
3. Overview 2.8MB
4. Committees of BRC 264KB
5. Progress Report 1.9MB
    Experimental Animal Division 14.1MB
    Experimental Plant Division 7.6MB
    Cell Engineering Division 3.7MB
    Gene Engineering Division 5.2MB
    Bioresource Information Division 4.3MB
Bioresource Engineering Division 6.4MB
Technology and Development Team for Mammalian Cellular Dynamics 7.2MB
Technology and Development Team for BioSignal Program
    Subteam for BioSignal Integration 4.6MB
    Subteam for Manipulation of Cell Fate 2.6MB
Molecular Genetics Laboratory 11MB
Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory 7.2MB
    Tsukuba Safety Center 5.7MB
6. Collaborative Research~
12. A Summary of Projects of Technical Associates
13. Events~
16. Facilities, Budget and Members