"Technical training course for the cryopreservation of tobacco BY-2 cells"

 1) Overview

Trainees will learn the basis and procedure for cryopreservation of plant cultured cells in liquid nitrogen.

 2) Date

August 26 to 27, 2013 2 consecutive days

 3) Place

BioResourse Center main building, RIKEN Tsukuba Campus
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 4) Eligibility

Applicants must have experiences and good techniques in maintaining plant cell lines.

 5) Capacity of enrollment

2 people

 6) Tuition

13,000 JPY

 7) How to apply

Please download, fill out, and submit the application form with an appendix including required information to the secretariat by post (see "For your application and inquiry").
* Please ask the person holding an administrative position to sign in the "Responsible person" column in the application form.

 8) Deadline for application

No later than August 5, 2013(Mon.)
Application is closed.

9) Notes

Accommodation for trainees is available in the RIKEN Tsukuba Institute unless it is full to capacity or there are other inevitable reasons.

Application Form
Technical training course for the cryopreservation of tobacco BY-2 cells


Appendix PDF Word

For your application and inquiry

Secretariat of the technical courses at RIKEN Tsukuba Institute
3-1-1 Koyadai,Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki 305-0074 Japan